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After what feels like 10 years I am starting to get over Tiva
 still stopped watching bc fuck Bishop

and now it feels like CBS is doing the same absolute fuckery with Densi.

I mean hello?! We are still processing and TRYING to fix our hearts and now they just do it again..

I am so done..

I swear if Densi is going to be the next Tiva this is not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end for me..

Confusion and anger…


It could be due my loss of understanding metaphorical symbolism uses and whatsoever but what I can tell you is that


what the hell was this episode even?! It was just like the writers were making fun of us by turning Kensi + Deeks ‘thing’ into some kind of parody.

And what about the racoons, the knife and the box. I just can’t make anything out of all this.

I think the whole fandom just has to stick together now if we want to survive any of this.

Still shipping Densi forever..even so it hurts

All my three hearts are completely broken and confused..

thank you Kalstein you son of *****

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